Dr. Michael D Wilson

Principal Investigator

Mike is a Senior Scientist at SickKids and an Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics. He holds Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Comparative Genomics. Mike was a post-doctoral fellow with Dr. Duncan Odom at Cambridge Research Institute. He completed his PhD with Dr. Ben Koop at University of Victoria.

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Dr. Liis Uusküla-Reimand

Research Associate

Liis completed her PhD in reproductive genetics and epigenetics with Dr. Maris Laan at the University of Tartu, Estonia.

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Dr. Huayun Hou


Huayun completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics at UofT with Dr. Michael Wilson.

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Dr. Mohamed B. F. Hawash


Mohamed completed his PhD at the University of Montreal with Dr. Luis Barreiro.


Sana Akhtar Alvi

Lab Technician

Sana completed her MSc in Biochemistry at Aligarh Muslim University, India, and was a research assistant for immunological studies in filariasis patients in India.


Dustin Sokolowski

Post-doctoral researcher

Dustin is a post-doc with Dr. Jared Simpson at OICR and Dr. Melissa Holmes at UTM. Dustin completed his PhD with Dr. Michael Wilson.

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Cadia Chan

Research Fellow

Cadia completed her PhD in Molecular Genetics at UofT under the co-supervision of Dr. Michael Wilson and Dr. Zhaolei Zhang. She did her BSc at Queen's University.

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Wendy Choi

PhD. Student

Wendy is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics at UofT and is co-supervised with Dr. Yun Li. She did her BSc at the University of British Columbia.


Simon Monis

PhD. Student

Simon is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics at UofT. He did his MSc with Dr. Marc Ekker at uOttawa.


Kai Ellis

PhD. Student

Kai is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics at UofT. He did his BSc thesis with the Colautti lab at Queen's University where he studied Lyme disease transmission in deer ticks.


Helen He

MSc. Student

Helen is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics at UofT. She did her BSc at the University of Waterloo.


Gwynneth McLeod

MSc. Student

Gwynneth is a graduate student in Molecular Genetics at UofT and is co-supervised with Dr. Ian Scott. She did her BSc in Biochemistry at McGill University.


Catherine Tan

Administrative Co-ordinator

Catherine provides invaluable administrative assistance to the Wilson Lab!



Join the team

We will be taking UofT MoGen graduate rotation students in September. Potential graduate students are welcome to contact me but they will need to apply through the Molecular Genetics Department. PhD scientists interested in joining the lab are always encouraged to contact me.



Position in Wilson Lab

Current position

Dr. Mariela Faykoo-Martinez PhD Student (with Dr. Melissa Holmes) Post-doc (Ragsdale Lab) (UChicago)
Dr. Liangxi (Dale) Wang PhD Student (with Dr. Ran Kafri) Post-doc (Romain Barrès Lab) (Université de Côte d’Azur)
Dr. Mengyi (Candy) Song PhD Student and Post-doc (with Dr. Ian Scott) Post-doctoral scholar (Kriegstein Lab) (UCSF)
Dr. Minggao (Michael) Liang PhD Student and Research fellow Genome Biologist (JSPS Post-doctoral fellow) (RIKEN IMS)
Anna Prentice Undergraduate Thesis Student MSc Candidate in Genetic Counselling (University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine)
Jedid Ahn Undergraduate Thesis Student
Dr. K. Rathnakumar Post-doctoral Fellow (with Dr. Jason E. Fish) Gene Expression Core Lead (Cincinnati Children’s Hospital)
Dr. Kyoko Yuki Project Coordinator Lab Specialist at Division of Genome Diagnostics (SickKids)
Matt Hudson MSc Student Scientific Editor at Cactus Communications
Elham Ghorbanpour PhD Student Ivakine & Cohn Labs (University of Toronto)
Xiaoli Lu Lab manager
Dr. Xuefei Yuan PhD Student & Post-doc fellow (with Dr. Ian Scott) Kaessmann Lab (Heidelberg University)
Azad Alizada Master's Student & Research Technologist Hannon Lab (University of Cambridge)
Rasha Al Mismar PhD Student (with Anne-Claude Gingras) Gingras Lab (University of Toronto)
Daniel Potter PhD Student (with Helen McNeill) McNeill Lab (Washington University in St. Louis)
Xiaoqiao (Pamela) Xu 4th Year Undergraduate Student MSc program in Medical Genomics (University of Toronto)
Cathy Su 4th Year Undergraduate Student Pfenning Lab (Carnegie Mellon University)
Zhuxuan Li Summer Research Student Tammela Lab (Sloan Kettering Institue)
Dr. Alejandra Medina Rivera Research Fellow Rivera Lab (LIIGH UNAM)
Lina Antounians Master's Student Zani Lab (SickKids)
Eunice Huang Undergraduate Thesis Student
Karim Mithani Summer Research Student
Maisam Makarem Summer Research Student
Rihao Qu Summer Research Student Kluger Lab (Yale University)
Dr. Calvin Mok Research Fellow
Kyle Chessman Undergraduate Co-op Student
Nadia Balroop Undergraduate Thesis Student
Matthew Carlucci Undergraduate Co-op Student
Dr. Ted Young Research Fellow
Ahmed Munye Undergraduate Co-op Student

Rotation Students


Lina Antounians

Samuel Lambert

Zahra Naghdigheshlaghi

Huayun Hou


Shu Jun Zhu

Chantal Magnan

Michael Pryzlak

Minggao Liang

Xuefei Yuan


Patrick Magee

Kun Nie


Tatiana Wong

Keshna Sood

Heather Gibling

Jeff Luong

Matt Hudson


Kaitlin Laverty

Julia Sobotka

Liangxi (Dale) Wong

Kamran Rezai

Da (Kevin) Kuang

Daniel Potter

Danielle Bilodeau


Cadia Chan

Owen Whitley

Kento Abe

Dustin Sokolowski


Jarrett Barber

Jingping Qiao

Brooke Green

Michelle Harwood

Rasha Al Mismar

Wendy Choi


Aiden Sababi

Mathias Renaud

Liz Woolaver


Sara Pour


Simon Monis

Helen He

Sunyun Lee

Darren Chan

Bruce Wang

Kai Ellis


Melanie Davies

Daniel Patolsky

Wenjia Hao

Carmela Serio Carrero

Gwynn McLeod